What Is The Best Exercise For Rheumatoid Arthritis And Is It Beneficial?

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What is the Best Exercise For Rheumatoid Arthritis And Is It Beneficial?

Exercising may be the last thing you want to do when your joints are stiff and painful. However, exercise treatment programs for rheumatoid arthritis patients are tailored to improve function and reduce pain.Abdominal Strengthening Exercise

Research leader Emalie Hurkmans of Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands and his colleagues recommend exercise treatment programs for rheumatoid arthritis patients.

After reviewing exercise program trials of rheumatoid arthritis patients they noted moderate benefits associated with this form of therapy.

Results of combined research data of eight trials totaling 575 patients are published at the Cochrane Library. Findings confirmed aerobic and muscle-strengthening techniques are safe and beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis patients.

The American College of Rheumatology recommends daily exercise activities to reduce pain, and improve mobility and function. People who exercise are generally healthier and live a great quality of life. Inactivity may cause more harm than good for arthritis patients.

Exercises encouraged by the American College of Rheumatology are:

  • Aerobic Exercise – A rhythmic and repetitive exercise utilizing the larger muscles of the body. Aerobic exercise enhances the lungs, heart, and muscles. Beneficial for sleep, mood, and weight control. Safe forms of low-impact aerobic activities for people with arthritis are…
  1. Walking
  2. Aquatic Exercise
  3. Aerobic Dance (dance steps and gliding)
  4. Stationary Bicycle Workout
  5. Elliptical or treadmills
  • Flexibility Exercise – Helps to improve flexibility and function in muscles and affected joints. Beneficial for enhanced posture.
  • Strengthening Exercise – Aids in preventing bone loss associated with inactivity. Muscle-strengthening increases function when practiced on a routine basis.
  • Body Awareness Exercise – Exercise activities to enhance balance, improve posture… Senior couple practicing Tai Chi outdoorrelaxation… and coordination. Yoga and Tai Chi incorporate elements of body awareness and are useful in arthritis exercise regimes.

Try joining an exercise class for rheumatoid arthritis patients and participate twice a week. It can assist with the reduction of pain and stiffness in affected joints.

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