Spinal Arthritis: The Signs And Symptoms

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Spinal arthritis is an incredibly serious affliction, however, surprisingly enough, not many people are truly aware in regards to the signs and symptoms that stem from this ailment. Everyone must understand the symptoms and such of an ailment such as spinal arthritis so that if they do notice any signs at any point of their life they will recognize at least one of them and thus be able to realize that there may be a problem and get themselves checked out as soon as possible.

What is Spinal Arthritis?

If your back pain is severe, then you should go in to see your physician right away, as you may have what is known as spinal arthritis. The symptoms of spinal arthritis are typically similar to other spinal conditions, and this is one of the most primary reasons why it is so truly necessary to make an appointment with your doctor as soon as you possibly can at the first notice of any back pain.

How it is Diagnosed

There are many different ways that an ailment such as this can be diagnosed. For instance, there will usually be blood tests done first, as these will help to determine the exact type of arthritis that it is. Then, there will usually also be x-rays done, and this is considered as being one of the most important tests of all in regards to any type of spinal problem.

The x-rays are great because they can show the actual structure of the vertebrae as well as the outlines of the joints and thus can help to determine whether or not there has been any deterioration of the cartilage in the person’s body. Furthermore, your doctor may recommend that you have an MRI done, and this is a test that can give a three-dimensional view of the spinal cord, as well as other parts of the back and the nerve roots, and surrounding places.

What Happens if Arthritis is Found?

If this type of arthritis is found in you, then several different treatment options are available; remember that there is no actual cure for arthritis however there are many things that you can do to relieve the pain and to prevent arthritis from getting any worse, and so this is what you would need to think from here.


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